Development partner of the automobile industry

For a long time, we have been able to rely on intensive customer relationships with a large number of car makers and their suppliers the world over. As manufacturers of molds and production lines we are involved as early as in the development of components, which is shown by way of example by our cooperation with the car glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain Sekurit (SGS). Early cooperation helped to minimize production cost already in the design phase and to plan optimum processes for subsequent series production – important factors for an OEM supplier in order to be competitive in the competition between automotive suppliers.

BWM 3er Touring

Encapsulated backlights for the BMW 3 series Touring

The PU-encapsulated concave rear window presented us with several challenges. In addition to the hinges and a separate lock, the rear spoiler, the vehicle seals, a box for sealing the electronics compartment, i.e. for the rear wiper, the window heating, the third brake light and the aerial, and the cable harness had to be integrated in the backlight. In addition to the quality-related specifications in terms of function, design, stiffness and weight, there was a tight production cost budget to be adhered to. Together with our subsidiary ExpliCAD, we were in charge of production- and mold-oriented design within the framework of component development.

Furthermore, we manufactured the mold prototypes and the corresponding mock-ups and prototypes and were responsible for various ageing and bonding tests. For the series production of the backlight, in which SGS car glass and other electronic and metal components were encapsulated with PU in the RIM process (Reaction Injection Molding), BBG designed and manufactured the requisite encapsulation molds, developed the production lines, manufactured the machinery, installed the production lines at the Polish plant of Saint-Gobain Sekurit and trained the employees at the plant.

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