BBG EASY.control

BBG EASY.control – our easy-to-use and versatile control software

BBG's mold carrier systems are fast and easy to program thanks to the "EASY.control" graphical user interface. Even without having any programming know-how, every technician can operate the control software that we developed on the basis of Siemens S7 and that has been used successfully numerous times. It is sufficient for you to be familiarized with the system by our team. EASY.control is available for all of BBG's mold carrier systems. Buttons and text boxes are used to visualize any operating steps on the operator panel. If a new mold is to be fitted or after a mold has been modified, the control sequences can easily be changed by means of the membrane keypad. Similar sequences for different molds can be copied from one program into the next and edited without any problems.

Large range of applications thanks to a high level of flexibility

For example, all mold queries can be selected from the software. Rewiring is not necessary. The software is also suited for molds only the drives of which are controlled. As far as the hydraulics functions are concerned, the program also controls the flow and pressure parameters. If working steps have to be discontinued, for example for the placing of inserts, "EASY.control" points this out on the screen. You can also lock individual functions against each other for increased machine safety.

Please contact your personal liaison or turn directly to our service team if you would like to have more detailed information on EASY.control.