Mould carrier systems

The wide range of highly varying and individual customer demands as well as project-specific requirements result in a multitude of mould carrier systems already implemented by BBG. Almost 500 mould carrier systems made by BBG are in use the world over. This also reflects tried-and-tested safety and reliability.

In addition to customized solutions we also offer a series of standard mould carrier systems.
Benefits offered by BBG's mould carrier systems:

  • All BBG mould carrier systems can be equipped with various tool/mould clamping systems.
  • All energy lines and service ducts can be connected by multi-coupling systems.
  • All of BBG's mould carrier systems can be expanded with manual and fully automatic mould-changing systems.
  • We offer free-of-charge tele-support for all BBG mould carrier systems the world over.
  • All BBG mould carrier systems can be equipped with the  "BBG EASY.control" control program."BBG EASY.control" allows operators to configure all kinds of functions without having to have any PLC knowledge.

Mould carrier systems - hydraulic

Mould carrier systems - electric