BBG Asia celebrate their 10-year anniversary

  • BBG Asia celebrate their 10-year anniversary - molds and systems for polyurethane (PUR) and composites
  • Sales have almost doubled since 2012

Mindelheim, 14. July 2016 BBG Asia, the oldest subsidiary of BBG, a manufacturer of molds, machinery and plants, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. In March 2006, the company was established as P-PEQ Ltd. at Changchun in Northern China in order to produce molds in accordance with German quality standards for the Asian market. In 2015, the company was renamed BBG Asia Ltd. so as to ensure the group's consistent presence in global markets. Meanwhile, the fully owned subsidiary is also represented at Shanghai. Last year, 55 employees generated sales to the tune of EUR 5.6 million in China by selling PUR encapsulation molds. In addition, machinery and plants in the amount of EUR 4.3 million were distributed in China. Alongside Europe, China is thus the most important market for the corporate group, which also owns BBG North America, the third member of the group.

PUR encapsulation molds are the core business

The subsidiary's core business is to sell the PUR encapsulation molds produced at Changchun in addition to mold carrier systems and end-to-end solutions for processing polyurethane, which are very much in demand. The Asian subsidiary relies on their own mold production plant equipped with comprehensive machinery. BBG Asia also installs mold carrier systems and offers services. Two years ago, the company invested in production technology for composite series production, which is a field of business in which the company plans to grow strongly.

The automotive industry is currently the most important sector. Key accounts include Webasto and Fuyao, Saint Gobain, TM Glass, Mobitech, Sunntek, and Xingyi. BBG Asia so far has viewed China as their core market since they also generate the lion's share of their sales in this region. Christian Fritz, managing director, refers to Korea as their second most important market.

Sales have almost doubled since 2012

In 2013, BBG Asia reached an important milestone by establishing a second site at Shanghai, which is primarily concerned with mold repair and modification as well as services. Since the subsidiary has also managed to canvass a large number of new customers, sales have continuously increased over the past few years. In September 2012, Christian Fritz took over management in his role as managing director. Since then, sales have almost doubled, increasing from approximately 22 million yuan to 40 million yuan in 2015.

More customer service and shorter delivery times

Fritz plans to expand the service offering in the coming years. Handling and automation are being discussed as new fields of business. He also plans to boost competitiveness by offering more comprehensive service and shorter delivery times.

He intends to achieve this through expanding the warehouse for the most important production components and through building a reliable network of local suppliers. In 2015, as much as 99 percent of all components required for the manufacturing of a PUR mold could be sourced from the domestic market. The individual parts therefore do no longer have to be delivered from Germany, which reduces transport times considerably. "It is our mission to offer customers a fascinating experience with our technology, our products and our services", explains the managing director.

Manufacturing of test pieces and samples

The machinery installed at Changchun among other things includes nine milling machines, three of which are 5-axis machines, which are above all used for the production of molds for PUR processing.

Recently the company has started to offer the manufacturing of test pieces and samples to its customers by way of a special service. For this purpose, an end-to-end PUR plant consisting of a hydraulic BFT-G mold carrier and a Glassline high-pressure metering unit is available. The plant, which has been specifically optimized for encapsulating vehicle windows, has been developed jointly by Hennecke and BBG and is now also distributed by the two companies together.

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