Pilot lab

Our pilot lab – our centre of excellence

Our pilot lab with its state-of-the-art equipment opens up numerous possibilities:

  • Sample molding with your encapsulation molds and injection molding tools
  • Production of component prototypes
  • Pre-production runs and production of small batches
  • Customer training and training courses
  • Component and material tests

This Center of Excellence is accommodated in self-contained premises in order to facilitate undisturbed operation. During your stay, an office, including all the facilities and services of our company, will be made available to you so that you can work in a concentrated and efficient manner. You can of course also rent our pilot lab with its entire equipment.

Our Center of Excellence is equipped with two powerful mold carrier systems, two high-pressure and a low-pressure polyurethane system. An injection molding machine and peripheral systems are also available. Said systems include heat-balancing/cooling units, a drum rotation station, trimming and priming tables, rack carriages and other light equipment.

Please contact your personal liaison or turn directly to our service team if you would like to have more detailed information on the Center of Excellence.