Research & development

BBG is your development partner

The design of polyurethane frames for solar and photovoltaics modules back in 2007 was the first time that we successfully applied the know-how gained in our home industry, the automotive industry, and in the encapsulation of car glass [link to encapsulated backlight] to another branch of industry. The material polyurethane (PU) with its large range of applications and variable properties is one of our key activities after all. Our comprehensive expertise on the material, the skills, experience and creativity of our engineers, designers and technicians quickly led to further component development, innovations and applications.

Within the framework of the “Hochwärmedämmende Fenster- und Fassadensysteme (HWFF, Highly-Insulating Windows and Facade Systems)” research project, which was headed by us, and together with partners from the window industry, we developed "TopTherm 90", the high-performance insulating standard window also suitable for use in ultra-low energy houses, and made it ready for series production. It is the world's first standard window that comprises a frame and profile core made of polyurethane.

With a depth of 90 mm only, this frame profile is suited for windows used in the construction of ultra-low-energy houses.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know what we can do for you with polyurethane (PU).