Special machinery

Special machinery for plastics processing and sheet-metal forming

Thanks to more than four decades of experience in the development and production of hydraulically and electrically operated mold-carrier systems, we can rely on comprehensive expertise for the design and production of special machinery for plastics processing and sheet-metal forming.

Even large components and solid tools and molds

Our special machines, which are tailored to our customers' requirements, for example produce body parts for commercial vehicles in formats sized up to several square meters precisely, safely and in short cycle times. Other special machines made by BBG use solid tools and molds with a weight of up to 20 tons. BBG's rapid mold-changing systems permit the efficient production of small batch sizes or a large range of parts within a short period of time. Our special machines are energy-efficient and are characterized by their high level of economic efficiency and precision, ease of operation and programming and user-friendly ergonomics. We will be pleased to present special machinery that we developed to you.