Used machinery

Reliable used machinery from BBG

For some applications, used machines are entirely sufficient. It is, however, important to ensure that the used machine is reliable and corresponds to the state of the art. Used machines are put through thorough tests by BBG and are given a complete overhaul. If the mold carrier system you desire is not available, simply let us run a search, and we will contact you as soon as we have identified the right machine. Of course we also take care of the transport and the installation of your new "used" machine.

We sell your used mold carrier system

Also if you would like to sell a mold carrier system, we will be pleased to help you out with our large number of contacts and our service. We grade your machines, give you an estimated selling price, suggest measures to update the machines and will also be pleased upgrade your machinery for you. And once we have identified a buyer for you, we dismantle your installation, transport it to the new owner and set it up again.
Please contact your personal liaison or turn directly to our service team if you are looking for a used machine or would like to sell one.