The rugged mould carrier system has been designed for accommodating large and heavy encapsulation moulds. Its special kinematics results in good ergonomics and the compact size of the mould carrier, even when it is opened.

Free access at the rear and at the front facilitates the integration of feeding and withdrawal systems for inserts, components and moulds. For many years, series G mould carrier systems have proven their worth, in particular for the encapsulation of large-scale automotive glass components, such as windscreens and rear windows, as well as for the encapsulation of photovoltaics and solar thermal energy modules with a polyurethane frame.

BFT-G mould carrier

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Mould carrier system BFT-G 17×13 BFT-G 20×14
drive hydraulic hydraulic
mould mounting plate – width 1700 mm 2000 mm
mould mounting plate – depth 1300 mm 1400 mm
parallel stroke 420 mm 420 mm
tilting angle, upper mould mounting plate 37° 37°
tilting angle, lower mould mounting plate max. 25° max. 25°
closing force 500 KN 500 KN
permissible mould mass, top 3000 kg 3000 kg
permissible mould mass, bottom 4000 kg 4000 kg
fitting dimension 780 mm 780 mm