BFT-H X2 TS - for optimal tool ventilation

The BFT-H X2 TS mold carrier system is proof of BBG’s development capabilities for custom built machinery, tailored around specific process requirements. Process control is a crucial factor for a successful PUR-RIM production, and venting is one of the key elements. BBG developed the BFT-H X2 TS for RIM applications that require ideal venting conditions, without compromising any operator ergonomics. Combining both requirements often requires making compromises, but the BFT-H X2 TS allows customers to combine both in harmony.

For ideal venting conditions during the injection, the complete mold-carrier system can be tilted sideways between 0 – 45°. The tool and cavity is tilted along the longest dimension of the part, allowing air to be steadily vented towards the top during the entire injection time.

The operator does not only have free tool access from three sides (left, front, right), but the upper and lower platen tilts as well as a stroke extension of the upper platen in the machine’s open position, make it an ideal candidate for customers who prioritize operator ergonomics.

Thanks to the 4-column design, also the left and right side of the machine allow for free access and make this mold-carrier an ideal candidate for interfacing automated load- and unloading systems, robot arms for release agent application, and any other periphery that should be integrated into the production process without obstructing operator accessibility.

BFT-H X2 TS mold carrier
BFT-H X2 TS mold carrier

Product data

Mold carrier system BFT-H X2 TS 20x14_1200kN 79"x55"_135tonUS 20x14_2700kN 79"x55"_300tonUS
drive hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
carrier clamping plate (FAP) width 2000 mm 79" 2000 mm 79"
carrier clamping plate (FAP) – depth 1400 mm 55" 1400 mm 55"
parallel stroke 420 mm 16,5" 420 mm 16,5"
tilting upper FAP 0 - 60° 0 - 60° 0 - 60° 0 - 60°
tilting lower FAP 0 - 30° 0 - 30° 0 - 30° 0 - 30°
tilting machine (ventilation) 0 - 45° 0 - 45° 0 0
ergonomic stroke 415 mm 16,3" 415 mm 16,3"
closing force max. 1200 kN 135 ton US 2700 kN 300 ton US
load max. upper FAP 3000 kg 6615 lb 3000 kg 6615 lb
load max. lower FAP 4000 kg 8820 lb 4000kg 8820 lb
opening width min. 440 mm 17,3" 440 mm 17,3"


The mold carrier shown is also available in other clamping plate sizes upon request. For technical questions or purchase enquiry, please feel free to reach out to us any time.