The BFT-K mold-carrier system is ideal for glass finishing on the basis of sophisticated mold technology and a high level of automation.

With its sophisticated mold technology and its high degree of automation, the BFT-K mold carrier system is ideal for glass-finishing applications.

Components can be inserted and removed from two sides, ensuring optimum material flow. For example, the finished component may be removed from the upper part of the mold and carried away toward the front while at the back the lower part of the mold is prepared for the next encapsulation run.

The BFT-K mold-carrier system is also the ideal candidate for any encapsulation applications that feed the foam into the open mold. A shuttle device can be used to guide the lower part of the mold to a convenient position outside the closing unit in order to use a robot to feed the foam.

BFT-K mold carrier
BFT-K mold carrier

Product data

Mold carrier system

BFT-K 16x12 BFT-K 20×14
drive hydraulic hydraulic
carrier clamping plate  (FAP) width 1600 mm 2000 mm
carrier clamping plate  (FAP) depth 1200 mm 1400 mm
parallel stroke 420 mm 520 mm
tilting upper FAP 37° 37°
tilting lower FAP --- max 38°
closing force max. 500 kN 500 kN
load max. upper FAP 3000 kg 3000 kg
load max. lower FAP 4000 kg 4000 kg
fitting dimension 780 mm 630 mm

The mold carrier shown is also available in other clamping plate sizes upon request. For technical questions or purchase enquiry, please feel free to reach out to us any time.