BFT-G is too big for you but you do not wish to do without the fine ergonomics offered by the BFT-G? Then our BFT-M mold carrier system is exactly the right alternative for you.

In addition to its low-cost but sturdy design, the BFT-M offers equally fine ergonomics as the BFT-G.

Unobstructed access at the rear and at the front facilitates the integration of feeding and withdrawal systems for inserts, components and molds or tools.

BFT-M mold carrier
BFT-M mold carrier

Product data

Mold carrier system BFT-M 15×11
drive hydraulic
carrier clamping plate (FAP) width 1500 mm
carrier clamping plate (FAP) depth 1100 mm
parallel stroke 610 mm
tilting upper FAP 70°
tilting lower FAP 25°
closing force max. 400 kN
load max. upper FAP 2500 kg
load max. lower FAP 3000 kg
fitting dimension 780 mm