Easy Control 2.0

BBG Easy Control 2.0 - PLC programmieng without programming knowledge

Easy Control 2.0, BBG's new user interface, simplifies the programming and operation of your mold carrier systems. At the same time, it increases productivity and improves process reliability. We have substantially enlarged the scope of services and numerous functions in comparison to the previous version. You are going to see it for yourselves: this noticeably simplifies work while also making it easier, safer and faster for operators to fit new molds to the mold carrier.

In addition, functions and workflows have become more dynamic so as to reduce cycle times and increase machine productivity.  Moreover, we have improved program exchange and international comprehensibility for the benefit of companies that run production sites in various countries that speak different languages.

The new Easy Control 2.0 is based on a SIMATIC Standard CPU1515-2PN with TP700 Comfort touch panel. Over the last two years, our engineers have developed the interface in close cooperation with Siemens, making it ready for series production.

Programming without programming knowledge - you can do it

The newly designed user interface allows functions and workflows of the machine and mold to be effortlessly recreated and adapted to the requirements at hand.  Step chains and conditions are used to create and change functions and workflows quickly and reliably in a well-structured and guided manner, without requiring any PLC expertise.  Compared to the first software generation, operation and input have been greatly simplified.

You can also enter texts, designations and parameter settings in up to four freely selectable languages. This allows you to switch between different languages at the touch panel at any time.  Setup is now clearer and quicker as only the required functions are queried.  Programs created once can now be more easily adapted to changed requirements, exported and used on other mold carrier types.  The new Easy Control 2.0 saves time: "Thanks to the new user interface, the average programming effort can be reduced to around two hours," says BBG project manager Stefan Gutleber.

More and improved functions, higher level of productivity

While only six functions could run simultaneously in automated program steps with the original software version, their number is unlimited in the current software version.  This allows the cycle times of mold carrier systems to be reduced noticeably.  The newly created option of being able to determine up to four intermediate positions and releases for various motion parameters offers more design leeway within individual processes.  This function is available, for example, for tilting the mold mounting plates, the parallel stroke and the closing forces.

To allow for comprehensive programming, we have increased memory capacity and the number of possible automatic processes significantly from 31 to 300.

High level of process reliability, simple remote maintenance

The "enable the next step" function facilitates more process reliability.

Easy Control 2.0 allows for comprehensive data collection and the transfer to various processing systems via an industry 4.0 connection. Comprehensive remote maintenance with direct access to all information can be implemented upon request.

The Easy Control 2.0 user interface can be used on all BBG mold carrier systems while on older models, the current PLC control system and the appropriate operating panel may have to be retrofitted.