Mold making

Competition in Mold making

  • develops and produces polyurethane encapsulation tools for all kinds of applications. BBG's encapsulation tools for the encapsulation of car glass are amongst the best worldwide.

  • develops and produces injection molds for the encapsulation of windows made of glass or polycarbonate with PVC, TPE and other elastomers.

  • develops and produces draw dies for the vacuum-forming of plastic sheets, compound spray molding (CSM) and long-fibre injection encapsulation tools for the production of lightweight and stiff plastic components with a class-A finish.

  • develops and produces tools and molds for conventional production processes, such as RTM (resin transfer molding), SMC (sheet molding compound) or GMT (glass-mat-reinforced thermoplastics), or the innovative CSM (compound spray molding) PU spraying technology.

  • sees to your demands, starting from component development and the manufacturing of prototypes right through to the series production of a tool or mold.

Excellence confirmed!

So why not get in touch with our mold-making team right away? By the way, you can use our pilot lab to encapsulate or mold in your prototype parts.