BBG scores a success at China Composite Expo

Efficient mold carrier systems and presses for high-quality components

Mindelheim/Shanghai, 10 September 2019. At the 25th China Composites Expo, which took place from 3-5 September 2019, above all mold carrier systems and presses for the manufacturing of lightweight components were in demand at the BBG stand.

Trend towards sustainability, quality and efficiency

The company was very satisfied with the response at the trade show. Representatives of the automotive and aviation industries were interested in solutions for the production of exterior and interior parts, with the focus on CFRP components for the exterior of aircraft. All in all, BBG registered a clear trend among the visitors towards the efficient production of high-quality components, resource-sparing production and the use of recyclable materials.

Mold carriers and press systems for various manufacturing processes

The mold carriers and press systems presented are used to produce lightweight and stable components from different materials in a range of different processes. The components can therefore be used inside vehicles and aircraft as well as in car bodies and exterior surfaces. The four-column model BFT-U, which served as a basis for the design of the exhibition stand, was developed by BBG especially for the pressing of large molded parts made of fiber-plastic composites..

BBG is a renowned specialist for the plastics-processing industry

In addition to end-to-end production lines, BBG designs, develops and manufactures molds for processing polyurethane (PUR), PVC, TPE and other elastomers, as well as a wide range of composite materials. These include production processes such as PUR-CSM (PUR-Composite Spray Molding), LFI (Long Fiber Injection), RTM (Resin Transfer Molding), SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) or GMT (Glass Mat Reinforced Thermoplastic), which are used depending on the desired properties of the final products. The company also focuses on solutions for light-weight construction, the processing of composites and the production of fiber composite components in a large number of industries.

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