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Compact packaging machines are to open up the pharmaceutical and food supplement markets

BBG capsule filler "Mercury 800"

Mindelheim, 09.12.2020. Compact, efficient and highly productive packaging machines of the best quality on the smallest possible footprint - this is how BBG wants to enter new markets. The innovations should also be easy to operate and available at an attractive price.

Christian Fritz, General Manager of BBG Asia, describes the initial situation as the person responsible for the project: "Our advantage is BBG's expertise in machinery and plant engineering, which we want to use to successfully build packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry."

In the future, the new packaging machines could be as internationally successful as the tools, machines and plants of BBG. In addition to the large pharmaceutical manufacturers China and India in Asia, BBG also has its sights set on pharmaceutical manufacturers in Europe and North and South America.

Premiere at the end of 2020: The "Mercury 800" - a fully automatic stand-alone capsule filling machine

"Mercury 800" fills 800 capsules per minute

The first of these is the capsule filler "Mercury 800", named after the smallest and fastest planet in our solar system. "Mercury 800" is a particularly compact, fully automatic stand-alone capsule filling machine. It can fill up to 800 capsules per minute with powder in sizes 5 to 000. Like the celestial body, it is particularly small: with its overall height of just under 2 meters, the capsule filling machine from BBG requires only 1.6 square meters of floor space.

"Stand-alone" means that all components for filling the capsules are integrated in the "Mercury 800". To our knowledge, it is currently the only capsule filling machine with an integrated polishing unit among the packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry.

These components are integrated into the "Mercury 800" capsule filling machine:

  • The tanks for capsules and powder. They can be loaded either automatically or manually.
  • The powder recovery system.
  • The collection container for defective or not completely filled capsules
  • The capsule polisher
  • The electrical control box
  • The clearly arranged control panel for operating the system. The Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC control is very easy to operate, so that a user can learn the operation completely within a quarter of an hour.

Premiere at the CIPM China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo 2020 in Chongqing/China

BBG Asia presents BBG capsule filler at the CIPM 2020 in Chongqing/China

Our capsule filling machine had its premiere at the 59th CIPM China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo at the end of November 2020 in Chongqing/China. The team around General Manager Christian Fritz of BBG Asia Ltd., our Chinese subsidiary, presented the "Mercury 800" there.

He was very satisfied with the response to the capsule filling machine at the trade show: "The visitors and the trade press were very interested. The response was positive throughout". reports Christian Fritz.

Three advantages distinguish the "Mercury 800" from multi-component systems:

  • The capsule filler has a significantly smaller footprint, so it requires less cleanroom space. This lowers your production costs.
  • It is particularly efficient thanks to an integrated powder return system.
  • It can be cleaned very quickly due to its maintenance-friendly design.

Three further packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry are to follow in 2021

BBG is already working on the next innovations. At the 60th CIPM in Qingdao BBG Asia will present two more innovative packaging machines.

The planned "Mercury 2,400" is an automatically operating stand-alone capsule filling machine for 2,400 capsules per minute. This means that it operates three times faster than the model now presented.

The second new addition to the BBG portfolio is a packaging machine that fills the full capsules into plastic containers, checks for metallic residues, weighs and labels them.

General Manager plans to celebrate the third premiere in 2021 at the 61st CIPM in Chongqing at the end of the year. BBG will then present the final process step: The automatic packing of plastic containers into cardboard boxes.

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