End-to-end solution for PUR moldings put into service

Customized production systems for polyurethane

Mold Carrier BFT-J

Mindelheim, 23.07.2020. Recently we delivered a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the production of PUR moldings on the basis of the RIM process to an US-American PUR development and production company close to Detroit.

End-to-end production system for moldings manufactured on the basis of RIM process

We designed the end-to-end PUR production system for the North American customer for large-format moldings that are produced on the basis of the reaction injection molding (RIM) process. The company develops and manufactures lightweight and thus fuel-saving vehicle components, also using our mold carrier systems in the process. The components are mainly used in construction and agricultural machinery and in commercial vehicles.

BBG as general contractor

BBG Mold Carrier BFT-J

The end-to-end RIM facility comprises:

  • two BBG BFT-J mold carrier systems
  • one robot for applying the release agent
  • one ”Topline“ PUR machine made by our partner Hennecke with two metering points

Since the customer uses potentially explosive materials during production, the mold carriers have been designed to meet the requirements laid down in the ATEX guidelines and are also equipped with high-performance extraction booths.

BFT-J mold carrier system with tiltable machine frame

BBG Mold Carrier BFT-J, machine frame tilted backwards

The machine frame can be tilted backwards continuously by up to 45° so that the mold can be moved to an optimum position for the feeding of material. Release agent is applied automatically by a robot that we have integrated into the overall system, which is another convenient feature.

Capacity exceeding 10 tons, energy-efficient drive

The mold mounting plates have a width of 2540 mm and a depth of 1219 mm to allow for the production of the customer’s large components. Maximum capacity is 4700 kg at the bottom and 6800 kg at the top. Power-saving hydraulic drives with a high level of efficiency contribute to the economic operation of the installation.

Machine control system as requested

BBG Mold Carrier BFT-J, carrier plates tilted open

The entire installation is operated by a control system from Allen-Bradley. As far as machine control systems are concerned, we are guided entirely by your requests. Control systems from Beckhoff or Siemens, for example, are also available.  What is even more, the Siemens control system is delivered with the Easy Control 2.0 programming and operating interface developed by BBG.

We are noticing a growing interest worldwide in customized production systems for the production of moldings.

BBG’s global machine base comprises more than 500 mold carriers and press systems

Thanks to our comprehensive experience, we at BBG are the first point of contact for many enquiries from globally active customers when it comes to customized special machinery and end-to-end systems for the production processes reaction injection molding (RIM), compression molding (MC) or transfer molding (TC).  As a manufacturer of special machinery and end-to-end installations, we are specialized in developing solutions precisely tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our global machine base of more than 500 mold carrier and press systems is proof of the fact that customers appreciate our products.

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