Secure, reliable remote maintenance via VPN

BBG Remote Maintenance Box

Mindelheim/Germany, 23 April 2019. With the Remote Maintenance Box, machines can be monitored and maintained safely, reliably and quickly from a distance. This innovation has been developed by the BBG together with Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG, Detmold/Germany. Thanks to the high-availability technology, a reliable connection to China via VPN is possible even through the Great China Firewall.

Real-time support from the specialists at Mindelheim

Many of BBG's global customers also produce in China, among other places.With the innovative Remote Maintenance Box, they can now be supported in real time by the specialists from Mindelheim in the event of PLC program changes or a malfunction. The Remote Maintenance Box facilitates immediate troubleshooting and direct assistance without the time-consuming and expensive journey of a technician, which significantly reduces downtimes. A large part of the setup or maintenance work on the control systems of the mold carrier systems can also be performed in this way.

If, despite remote deployment, an on-site service visit is necessary, this can be planned precisely and implemented quickly. The Remote Maintenance Box will be presented for the first time at BBG's 4th Innovation Day on 17 May at Mindelheim

Remote maintenance in pre-assembled complete kit

BBG delivers the Remote Maintenance Box as a complete kit in a pre-assembled case, which will be installed on the mold carrier system by one of the customer's employees. The software includes Weidmüller's web-based u-link Remote Access while various Industrial Ethernet components are integrated on the hardware side. Even older mold carrier systems can be retrofitted in an uncomplicated manner.

Secure and reliable VPN tunnel

For remote maintenance, a connection is established from the mold carrier system via Weidmüller's u-link portal to the service PC in Mindelheim. The result is a fully encrypted, secure and reliable VPN tunnel. Customers can use LAN, WLAN or hotspots. This allows both controllers with Ethernet ports and older models with RS232/485 interfaces to be monitored. The extent to which customers allow data access to their systems can be determined by themselves.

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