Solarpower for ships, vehicles and buildings

BBG manufactures photovoltaic modules and design windows for vehicles and buildings

Mindelheim, 04.05.2021. As specialists for glass and polyurethane, we find the trend topic of vehicle-integrated photovoltaics (VIPV) particularly exciting. In this young field of application, electricity-generating modules are installed in cars and ships.

The energy generated can be used to increase the range of electric drives. But the technology is already much further along: pioneers in vehicle-integrated photovoltaics are solar-powered cars, boats and ferries in commercial shipping, and private yacht construction. They move exclusively with energy that they obtain from sunlight.

More solar energy in cars and ships

With our expertise in all aspects of glass and photovoltaics, we are helping to ensure that the use of solar energy in mobility continues to grow. We encapsulate photovoltaic modules in various sizes and shapes with polyurethane and integrate electronic components and necessary fastening elements in the same process. Photovoltaic modules finished in this way blend harmoniously into their surroundings and are flush with them, so that no edges or transitions interfere.

Design windows for yachts and exclusive motorhomes

We can manufacture sophisticatedly designed and heavy-duty glass windows for ships and special vehicles using the same technology. They allow individual design and can be installed in the cabin to save space. In particular, such glass elements are used in motor homes, off-road and expedition vehicles and yachts, manufactured in small series.

Expedition vehicle (photo: Darc Mono)
Expedition vehicle (photo: Darc Mono)

Our services in the production of photovoltaic modules and design windows

  • We support you in the production-oriented design of your components.
  • We develop and manufacture the required tools or molds.
  • We produce the desired products as samples, prototypes and in small series.

Advances in photovoltaics for integration into buildings

Energy generation from sunlight is also making progress in buildings. The keyword here is "building-integrated photovoltaics". Here, electricity-generating building elements serve simultaneously as thermal insulation, wind and weather protection, and design. Photovoltaic modules can be integrated into roofs of buildings and extensions such as carports and conservatories and used for facade, window and shading solutions. Full roofing is also possible.

We manufacture for you in Europe, the USA and in China

We can manufacture customer-specific photovoltaic modules and design windows for you at BBG North America in Oxford/Michigan in the USA, BBG Asia in Changchun/China and at the headquarters in Mindelheim/Germany. All three locations have their own technical center where the parts can be manufactured.

For more information about the possibility of PUR sample or part production in our technical center, please click here. We are looking forward to your questions.

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