Tools from „quick and simple“ to „high end”

From the simple mold for prototypes to the intelligent tool for the Smart Factory

intelligent tools are manufactured here

Mindelheim, 30.10.2020. In tool and mold making it is sometimes like in private everyday life: Some things should be quick and easy, for others you attach importance to every detail. One and the same person makes very different demands - depending on the situation.

As a customer from a tool and mold maker, you will probably also be familiar with this situation. A prototype tool should be quickly available and inexpensive, but for series production, every little detail must be right. Especially if it is used to manufacture safety-relevant components or Class A parts.

From us you can get tools from "quick and simple" to "high end" - and of course in many intermediate stages. Exactly as you need them. As good as necessary, as simple and inexpensive as possible.

Intelligent tools for use in Industry 4.0 applications

intelligent tools for the Smart Factory

We can show what is technically feasible with modern means in intelligent tools for use in Industry 4.0 applications and in the Smart Factory environment. Intelligent tools actively support the manufacturing process. They are increasingly requested and manufactured.

Develop your Smart Factory with BBG

  • Sensors collect data during the entire processing for the process parameters you require, such as temperature, flow velocity or pressure, and report any deviations from the specified target values
  • Individual work steps, such as the application of release agent or the correct positioning of inserts, are monitored and subsequent work steps are only enabled when the current work step has been correctly performed.
  • The evaluation of the collected information enables targeted step-by-step instructions for the operator, who thus always knows exactly what to do at next.
  • The data enables a fully automatic selection of the product at a designated station.
  • The data can be stored with a fixed assignment to the manufactured component and can be retrieved and processed at any time.

Intelligent tools improve quality and save costs

With the PUR gate trimmer developed by our engineers you save material and energy. Our latest development, a sensor that reliably detects metallic inserts even in steel tools. The sensor checks whether the inserts are present and correctly positioned. The sensor works reliably, even through glass or polycarbonate panels that are also inserted into the mold and without leaving marks on the panels.

Intelligent tools make it possible:

  • Cost savings in material and energy
  • Improved process accuracy
  • Increase in productivity
  • Process data acquisition from A-Z with long-term proof for your components

Where are intelligent tools used:

  • To refine glass or polycarbonate panels with polyurethane.
  • In the production of components using the PUR-RIM process.
  • In the production of safety-relevant or Class A components for which there are special requirements for reproducible quality.
  • For manufacturers in the automotive, pharmaceutical, aviation and aerospace industries, who are required to document production data of components due to a duty of verification.

Regardless of whether your tool should be rather simple or fully automated and equipped with intelligent functions. We would be happy to work with you to develop the optimal tool for your application. We are looking forward to your inquiry.


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