Twentieth corporate anniversary

The BBG team family day

Big party on the occasion of the twentieth BBG anniversary at Mindelheim: approximately 250 BBG staff members and their families celebrated the anniversary on Saturday, 18 May.  The party guests did not only include the staff members from the Unterallgäu region but also some colleagues of our subsidiaries BBG North America and BBG Asia who had travelled to Mindelheim from the USA and China.

Even Mindelheim's Senior Mayor, Dr. Stephan Winter, was present to congratulate and was not sparing in his praise: "High tech is not only made in Silicon Valley but also in down-to-earth Swabia." He thanked our company for offering young people the possibility to undergo training and to pursue their careers, thus being able to stay in the region: "In this way you are helping to improve the quality of life in the district of Unterallgäu."

Owner and managing director Hans Brandner summed it up: "We are a team made up of three companies on three continents, which makes me proud.  We are recognized as an innovation and quality leader in tool and machine construction for the plastics processing industry.  And our customers are enthusiastic about what we do."

An eventful day with a colorful program

A varied program with a mixture of entertainment, activities, information and culinary delights ensured a family day full of excitement and new experience. Old and young BBG family members could for example try their luck with a tin can throwing game, wearing a pair of special glasses that impaired seeing as if they had a blood alcohol content of 0.15 %.  Or they proved their dexterity on the udders of the artificial milking cow Elsa, on a reaction wall and at the ring-the-bell funfair attraction. While the children were doing rounds on the children's carousel, the older ones designed their own bottle opener.  Later on, the Schuhplattler and dance groups of the Trachtenverein Bad Wörishofen entertained the guests.

Active and committed BBG staff members

The BBG staff members and their family members were also able to engage in sports: fast action was required at the reaction wall while walking along a small barefoot path was more of a leisurely activity.  At a booth of the Malteser Hilfsdienst committed guests registered as stem cell donors with the processing fee paid by BBG. The animal home Beckstetten was happy to receive a donation as their supporters had baked cakes for the anniversary celebration.

Food trucks ensured culinary diversity

Four Foodtrucks provided culinary delights.  "I love Mauldasch" transformed Swabian pasta into modern art food variations, "Mangiata" created pasta variations, and meat lovers stood in line at the grill of "20 km/h".  The team from "Les Crêpes des Amis" came up with coffee specialities and crêpes.

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